Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking. H. Jackson Browne

My name is Dean and I`m the owner of The Inker Tattoo Studio in Kelvin Grove Brisbane, we are a long established studio on the fringe of the city with a long standing reputation for producing great work by friendly staff,the studio is a very open space I wanted to create an open inviting space with loads of natural light,. Whilst we are primarily a custom design tattoo studio we can look after any of your tattoo needs, I believe no matter what style of tattoo, or what size tattoo our customers request that every single person be treated with the same respect. We look forward to meeting anyone interested in getting tattooed, so no matter if your a serious tattoo collector or your very first time in a tattoo studio, we invite you to come on in see what we`re doing and have a chat about your next (or first) tattoo. 
Ink pusher,artist
Dean, the inker

Tattoo license number 3692252